Wow -as a Jazz piano lover I could care less about the order, though it might be nice to see a list of living piano players. This list may not reflect recent changes (). As to rhythmn, as they say in NY,” Forget about it”. agree bout the first ten. A must! Any list without Billy Taylor has no credibility. He’s a wild one! 16 Herbie Hancock And there are people like von Schlippenbach, Tippett, Mengelberg, Morab, Ivers…, ridiculous list: Crusin, Kirkland, all these “Jazzrock” losers. In addition to being a gifted pianist, Walton was also a noted composer, contributing ‘Bolivia’ and ‘Mode For Joe’ to the jazz standards repertoire. And it introduced modes and greater freedom to jazz. Of course, there are lots of other musicians who could be here too, but we hope this list will give you a good starting point for (re)discovering some of these legendary jazz piano players of all time. Lists are silly. Finally, if we took into account virtuosism (true virtuosism, which involves making it sound clear and perfect) I’d add Hancock, Tatum, Peterson and Corea; Hancock being the one pianist who can get the best SOUND out of a grand piano – he’s absolute perfection playing chords. This is not the case with concert classical pianists. He would arguably earn his place among the best jazz pianists solely for giving the jazz world the perennially popular standard ‘Misty’, which he composed in 1954 and recorded many times thereafter. Here is Brad playing in a duo with TIM MOHER. Other than that, might as well throw darts. Remember, not every solo has to be full of double time lines, memorized licks, and theory devices. Diana Krall? I can spot most of the pianists I like, but if the number of albums in my collection is a good parameter I’m missing Monty Alexander. Everybody goes ape over Art Tatum.. No list of seminal, great pianists can be taken seriously if it omits the artist who, more than anyone else, shared and lived the aesthetic of the Romantic poet John Keats (from “Ode on a Grecian Urn”–Beauty is Truth; Truth Is Beauty–the counsel Bill issued to Tony Bennett in 1978). Willie “The Lion” Smith is certainly a great oversight. I can’t believe that Dorothy Donegan has not been mentioned at all! Throughout my musical career my favourite pianists were Wynton Kelley Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. How to Play Jazz Piano. A master of musical understatement. And if you go outside of the USA, and you should, you have to mention Abdullah Ibrahim and Jan Johansson. there are so many out there. In addition to his dozens of famous Orchestra recordings – Ellington at Newport, The Sacred Concerts, The Far East Suite, etc. Myriad pianists have fallen under Evans’ spell, including Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett and, more recently, Brad Mehldau. and Oscar Peterson has had his moments (Blues for the Prairies, Hogtown Blues etc) – his rubato is pretty good too. This is not a simple task as if we accept that the Blues was the root of all Jazz music then there is a substantial catalogue of works from which to choose. First of all, there is a severe under-representation of brilliant, young pianists: Hiromi, Jason Moran, Robert Glasper, Brad Mehldau, Fabian Almazan, Bill Laurance, Cory Henry, James Francies, Tigran Hamasyan, perhaps even the Wunderkind Joey Alexander. Cheers. He swung like no other. Come on. As one of the great Monk fans of all-time, owning every single one of his recordings (okay not the very latest film music release yet, but until then) having an all-Monk ensemble in college that I arranged 35 of his comps for, and my primary influence as a jazz pianist, to rank him #2 jazz pianist is crazy. 5 Oscar Peterson If in all this beautiful list there was no place for lennie tristano who wrote this list should do some homework. 7.Alan Toussant Looking for ways to grow your career as a jazz musician? Maybe the original list was only 36 men. Jazz Piano Gems is made possible by the generosity of transcriber, Paul Marcorelles, a French jazz fan, engineer and host of the website BlueBlackJazz. Thelonious Monk Sometimes I think Garner was not human. What about Milt Buckner? Many modern jazz pianists are heavily influenced by Horace Silver’s playing and compositions as well. Your email address will not be published. A master who is fluent in both the bebop and post-bop styles, Barron is one of the best jazz pianists alive today. Music that touches my soul. Freddie Slack Apart from that: Nobody misses Cedar Walton? No Marion McPartland? Calm down now. If you take into account his composing and his position as a pioneer of bebop he should certainly be near the top but as pianist solely, not #2, really not Top 10. Unacceptable. He released his debut LP in 1956 and recorded regularly for a raft of different labels up until 2009. When he was older, he was smitten by jazz and fell under the spell of modernists Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. Sure some of the more obvious and elememtary things he did on piano could be imitated by lesser pianists. Instrument: Solo Jazz Piano. Some scientists claim if you put a monkey at a typewriter and gave him 100,000 years or so, he would eventually write MacBeth or Romeo and Juliet. it’s a joke? If you’re an artist, we’d love to feature your solo piano music. There are so many great Jazz Pianists!!!! Earl Hines etc.,etc. Must agree with some of the preceding comments: Mary Lou Williams, John Lewis, Paul Bley, Randy Weston, Jessica Williams not there, but the likes of Bob James, Dave Grusin and even Lyle Mays not only figure, but rank above Andrew Hill! In 1945 he was beaten over the head in a racially aggravated assault by a policeman, which contributed towards the psychiatric problems that plagued him for the rest of his life, and the consistency of his later work is patchy in comparison to his mercurial early recordings. Duke should be in the top ten…wish he had recorded a solo album…. I feel John Lewis is most underrated here. And there is no way he should be higher up the list than Bud Powell. And rock no less! 8. 12: Fats Waller (1904-1943) Ellington was 63 years old, while Mingus was 40 and Roach 38, when this was recorded in 1962. Danny Zeitlin? After hearing a few songs I just want to move on to someone with with some heart in their playing. Jelly Roll Morton Hired for his impeccable musical taste and sonic eloquence, Jones’ myriad sideman credits ranged from Dizzy Gillespie and Dexter Gordon to Anita O’Day and Marilyn Monroe. List of famous female jazz pianists, listed by their level of prominence with photos when available. She has performed with other amazing musicians for years, and I only recently discovered her. Grusin went on to become a prolific composer of movie scores (among them On Golden Pond and The Fabulous Baker Boys) and has also released a raft of keyboard-oriented studio albums. 47: Duke Pearson (1932-1980) 10. From Duquesne, Pennsylvania, Earl “Fatha” Hines was a key figure in the evolution of jazz piano-playing. Lists are worthless when they leave out folk like this: Where’s Sun Ra who was far more influential and certainly more entertaining than the vast amount of folk on this list. Let me know what you think once you have listened and then tell me he shouldn’t be in this list, close to the top! There was pre-McCoy and post-McCoy…” – Ethan Iverson. I mean Brubeck should be in the top 5, and Dave Grusin in the top 10 just based on the contribution they have made to jazz over the years. It’s their list, and if it were larger it might have included some that were omitted . So would you. Sir Roland Hanna? In the 70s, at ECM Records, Jarrett – eschewing electric instruments – patented a lyrical style and, in the same decade, released an improvised solo recital called The Köln Concert, which set a new benchmark for unaccompanied jazz piano. McPartland and Williams should probably make the list but the other two? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Considering that both Oscar Peterson and Georg Shearing claim to have been greatly influenced by him I find it strange that Nat King Cole haven´t made your list! Seriously? Solo Classical Piano. Lennie Tristano Where’s Dave Brubeck and Nat King Cole? From ragtime piano came the more sophisticated and virtuosic “stride” style of James P Johnson and Willie “The Lion” Smith – with its locomotive, two-step, left-hand accompaniment – in the 20s and 30s, which in turn led to Fats Waller and ultimately culminated with Art Tatum. I always find “strong opinions” some kind of ridiculous, and mostly I don’t want to join in the battle of all the “experts” (I am, because my opinions are soooo different). Scott Joplin is on this list. Despite suffering from a genetic disease that stunted his growth, resulted in brittle bones and gave him perpetual arm pain, France-born Petrucciani defied the odds to become one of the world’s best jazz pianists, and was inspired to take up the instrument after seeing Duke Ellington on TV. On the other hand, it was good to see Sonny Clark do well. 10 Chick Corea Hancock was still just 24 years old when he recorded this 1965 classic. I think it’s on of the first lists that is pretty good…..I play and little piano and guitar and fancy myself as fairly knowledgeable in guitar, bass and drums……Maybe I know just enough to get into trouble……no one can ever agree on any list……ever. 49: Kenny Kirkland (1954-1998) Oh, I know. Solo jazz pianist & accompaniest I perform regularly as solo lounge bar entertainment or with the jazz duo/quartet ‘Standard Deviation’. Criteria: These Jazz pianists were chosen for their originality, versatility, compositional skill, impact and influence in addition to their technical and improvisational playing of the instrument. Monk’s third solo piano album includes originals and standards, and demonstrates that, despite his modernism, his playing was deeply connected to the stride pianists of the 1920s and 1930s. The next time a poll like this is conducted, it should be taken among all the living jazz pianists. but 4) Duke Ellington, who played the most beautiful jazz piano solo I know, just half a chorus on “In a Sentimental Mood” with Coltrane, and sets up a glorious close by Trane. OMG! 31 Michel Petrucciani Contemporary pianists who claim to have been influenced by him include Chick Corea and Brad Mehldau. I want to add Stevie Wonder… yeah… he’s not be bopping or doing fancy jazz rifts… but no one can play like him nor can anyone have thought of the insanely beautiful and complex phrasing. 35 Dave Grusin. Finishing work on a Theloneous Monk anniversary album. Without a doubt I would add Phineas Newborn and Brad Mehldau to that list, and I could easily leave out Bob James and Dave Grusin. And Abdullah Ibrahim. Possessed of astonishing technique, his playing is characterised by flamboyantly decorated linear improvisation and lightening-pace right hand flights. 14: Earl Hines (1903-1983) Though Miles Davis tried to poach him (Zawinul worked on Miles’ groundbreaking In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew albums at the end of the 60s), the pianist stayed with Cannonball until 1970 and then co-founded famed fusion pioneers Weather Report. so you include Duke Ellington and keep out BILLY STRAYHORN an RED GARLAND??? 17 Vince Guaraldi DID YOU INCLUDE DAVE MCKENNA? I’m astonished, that nobody referred Hampton Hawes. won’t change it just the way it is. Cecil Taylor Herbie Nichols The piano has been an integral part of the jazz idiom since its inception, in both solo and ensemble settings. Photo: Williem Gottlieb/Library Of Congress. Another vote for Al Haig. Hey Charles. By the 50s, Harris was a jobbing pianist and worked with Miles Davis, Sonny Stitt and Gene Ammons; in the 60s he gigged with Cannonball Adderley. Look out Bill Evans!! First, Lennie Tristano had a bigger influence on jazz piano than most people think about. how can Chick Correa and Kieth Jarrett be ahead of Earl Hines and Horace Silver. Born Columbus Calvin Pearson in Atlanta, Georgia, Pearson’s career took off when he moved to New York City in 1959. Thankfully, his last trio with Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera has been well documented. No Eliane Elias? But Art definitely deserves to be number one. 6: McCoy Tyner (Born 1938) It is very disrespectful of other readers to write without paying attention. 6 Cecil Taylor Unacceptable. Your email address will not be published. A glowingly beautiful player–most of these players can’t touch the beauty of his ideas and the flow they get when he is at his best. Old hands playing very sweet music.. WK is top ten for me. 20: Horace Silver (1928-2014) Your email address will not be published. Originally from Colorado, Grusin began releasing piano-led albums under his own name in the early 60s, a decade that also saw him break into the world of television music, where he wrote themes for numerous US TV shows. “So just who are the greatest jazz pianists?” Though influenced by Thelonious Monk and Art Tatum, Hill forged his own distinctive and complex style, both as a pianist and composer. I think she should have made the list. If you need confirmation of this, go see the wonderful 1 hr docu on Hines @ Andre was a young European hanging around LA at the time. ! The problem with lists like this is that they draw a stagnant picture of a very vibrant art. Check out Brad’s second half solo in UNION DUES BLUES. I can”t believe no one mentioned PHINEAS NEWBORN JR.! Thanks to the album titled as Concert By The Sea from Errol Garner has to be one of best 3 and maybe the best with Art Tatum, Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson. Next you’ll call Mulgrew Miller a folk musician who only played triads. Indeed, whittling it down was not an easy task, but we’ve persevered and come up with a list names that we believe represent the most important ivory-ticklers of the genre. You should be ashamed! Acknowledged by the inventors of modern jazz, Charlie Parker and Bud Powell -and Stan Getz – as their first choice NO CHUCHO VALDES!!!!!!!!!!!! So, withal my disagreements, cool list. But ranking them is ridiculous. Solo Jazz Piano includes a wide variety of techniques and ideas that are certain to captivate students and teachers alike. At the pinnacle of our list of the 50 best jazz pianists of all time is the man regarded as a keyboard deity. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone hears beautiful music as it appeals to their ear. Yes let’s expand this to 88 pianists and not rank them. Ahmad told me this personally many times. Who? He’s a classical performer, conductor, and musicologist whose immaculate performances gave Joplin’s ragtime compositions the respect they deserved. Instead of the status quo, he imitated the lines of saxophone and piano players and looked for new avenues of harmonic expression in all types of music. What about Paul Bley? You should see the list I put together with the additional pianist mentioned in the comments here. 25 Kenny Kirkland Moving to Chicago, and then New York, he was regarded as a go-to sideman in the late 50s and early 60s (playing with the likes of Cannonball Adderley, Jackie McLean, Roland Kirk and Wes Montgomery) before beginning his own recording career, which started at Prestige Records in 1968. You missed Dave Zoller. I don’t see him on the list, maybe he’s 37 and there isn’t any room for him.Some pianist’s here are GOOD but not great. Stan Tracey Rather the genius opted to define his own style that fitted his original compositions and his improvisations. I would have included John Lewis and everybody has their own list but this is YOUR list so there should be no criticism at all. Eddie, you need to give Diana Krall another listen. sad! I agree with the many serious ommissions mentioned by others. My AUTUMN IN MUSKOKA should really be called AUTUMN IN HEAVEN!! 19: Red Garland (1923-1984) 28: Ramsey Lewis (born 1935) Now that i think of it, there’s another japanese piano player, but you just have to HAVE her on this list! And can’t believe you didn’t include Ellis Larkins aka Mr. Feather Fingers. 24: Bob James (Born 1939) How come no mention of Eliane Elias, Diane Schuur, Blossom Dearie? No Dave Brubeck, what’s wrong with you people. After a while, I find Tatum’s piano runs boring when compared to Monk’s dissonant notes and spacing. Agree with most of the picks, but Gene Harris and Beegie Adair should have been included. 1. Art Tatum was famous for being able to drink large quantities of alcohol whilst performing without it having any adverse affect on the music, but unfortunately it impacted his health and he died in 1956, aged just 47. Born Mary Elfrieda Scruggs in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in Pittsburgh, Williams was a self-taught pianist who rose to fame as a teenage prodigy in the 20s. Great list. Mary Lou Williams? MARK EISENMAN?! Roger Kellaway-Ray Bryant – etc etc etc Had people cheering and crying at the 2003 Monterey Jazz Festival. How could you do this! easily qualifies for the top 10! The pure sound of piano: no pesky bass, drums, or horns. Phineas Newborn -John Lewis-Billy Strayhorn -should be in the top 10 – 15. The contributions of Duke Ellington, Nat KIng Cole, Scott Joplin, Dave Brubeck, Art Tatum , Brad Mehldau , Nina Simone, Gil Evans, Michel Legrand & Jelly Roll Morton cannot be overestimated ). It’s often overlooked that Washington, DC-born Edward Kennedy Ellington was a tremendous jazz pianist with his own inimitable style. A brilliant musician like Marian McPartland being left off is inexcusable. Jazz Piano Players Galore. These are all all great pianists but there are probably many we never heard of and some who were excluded . Though influenced by the romanticism of Bill Evans, there’s always been a palpable Latin inflection to Corea’s music, which has ranged from straight-ahead jazz to electric fusion (he led the jazz-rock behemoth Return To Forever in the 70s). (I think Marylou Williams should be rated higher), absolutely totally agree with this…Phineas one of the all time greats. He played with many of the jazz bands in the 30s and 40s Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey to name a few, and he had his own radio show. But, still a pretty good list of all the greats I know of. Don Shirley? What about them? November 2, 2018 | by Rebeca Mauleón. I think Eddie’s brother, Charlie, would be an even better choice! I think there are two important ones missing. 🙂, And the list has 36 pianists because there are 36 black keys on the piano? How could you possibly leave out HIROMI UEHARA!!!!! That band also included Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter and Tony Williams, and took a freewheeling approach to traditional structures and harmony. Oh yea don’t forget Bobby Timmons!!!!! No Mary Lou Williams, Geri Allen, Renee Rosnos, Marian McPartland …. Kenny Drew I love listening to this radio station while I study. Jazz Piano Pieces, Jazz Piano Songs. Influenced by Bud Powell and noted for his horn-like right-hand melodies, Clark was a sideman for Dinah Washington, Sonny Rollins and Charles Mingus, and also enjoyed a fecund five-year spell at Blue Note Records, where he served up nine albums, including the classic hard bop manifesto Cool Struttin’. Kenny Barron has to be included in the convo. However, although he doesn’t offer the same kind obvious instrumental pyrotechnics of someone like Art Tatum, he was also a highly important jazz pianist whose percussive, minimal playing influenced Thelonious Monk and others. Richie Beirach??? Can agree with the top three but not with Herbie Hancock being better than Keith Jarrett. As good as Duke was at composing, I believe that most people have not noted that he wrote the simplest tune (melody) in the history of music. (Fairytales). Bill Evans is my number 1. I do not know who wrote this list and where he will take the information but a bit disappointing …. I would not put Monk at #2. Though Missouri-born James is widely acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of smooth jazz, ironically, he began his career in the vanguard of the early 60s avant-garde scene. 25: James P Johnson (1894-1955) I’d have moved Dave Brubeck up the list a bit as he was the first Jazz artist to really help Jazz get into the main stream by aggressively touring the college circuit in the 50’s and popularizing Jazz with the younger crowds. C JAM BLUES! King Freestyle’ Feat. he was left handed and ambidextrous, he often fuses classical elements into his improvisation, this man really revolutionized jazz piano ,the no.10 Ahmad Jamal said Erroll Garner and Maurice Ravel were the supreme melodists of the 20th century, most of these top jazz pianists list will always be like art tatum- herbie hancock-bill evans so and so, I mean they are good, but people need to listen to more music. His 1975 album, The K ö ln Concert, with worldwide sales of over 3.5 million copies, is the best-selling solo album in jazz history, as well as the best-selling piano album of all time. For me there is Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson and then everybody else. What about Milt Buckner, Shirley Horn, Beegie Adair, Diana Krall, Joe Sample ?? He played with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in the mid-60s before joining the groups of Charles Lloyd and, later, Miles Davis. A capable and versatile pianist, Pearson’s own records veered more towards the soul jazz style. I really think this is difficult work. Learn how your comment data is processed. I disagree on Monk ranking so highly, he’s a great composer but not an amazing pianist. Sadly, Timmons’ career was cut short, at 38, by his chronic alcoholism. I agree with a couple of dozen on the list, but I would have thought that Maryanne McPartland deserved an entry somewhere. He influenced a generation;one notable was Dudley Moore who could imitate Erroll’s playing very well esp the left hand-but nobody has ever quite sounded the same though Errolls brother said there was a Tommy—? Há outros e bem melhores!!! So please give credit where credit is due. Gonzalo Rubalcaba 29 Scott Joplin Patrice Rushin? A poet as well as a pianist/composer, this New Yorker was a leading light of the avant-garde movement in the late 50s and early 60s. Herbie and Bud too low. They surely must be up there with the best. The Modern Jazz Quartet got me and countless others into modern jazz, as opposed to trad and Dixieland. He was also a harmonic innovator, taking influence from Romantic classical music, intricately reharmonising jazz standards and ultimately influencing the approaches of bebop musicians like Charlie Parker and Bud Powell. And Brad Mehldau, of course. These trio tracks, with Max Roach on drums and either Curly Russell or Ray Brown on bass, include famous solos on the likes of ‘Cherokee’ and the Powell original ‘Celia’ – the latter of which we included on our list of essential jazz solos to transcribe. (The lives of other Romantic composers–Schubert, Schumann, etc.–are equally dark.). Way overrated: Chick Corea, Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis, Absolutely agree with you assessment – and Gene Harris deserve a spot. one which is missing but stand out as performer as well as educator is dick hyman. You forgot Kenny Drew and Cecil Tayler should have had a higher range. I wonder if people know just how good Al Haig was. His own discography contains just one solo album, 1991’s Kenny Kirkland, for GRP, though it’s likely that, had he not died prematurely, aged 43, from congestive heart failure, Kirkland would have recorded many more solo albums. He was a friend of OSCAR PETERSON but had lines that related more towards TEDDY WILSON. It would not matter who is on the list. Myra Melford is missing, and yes Diana Krall belongs there. I kept thinking doesn’t anyone know Tete Montoliu? Italian. Hailing from Chicago, as a boy Hill earned small change playing accordion on the Windy City’s streets. Why? Ok, you gave us a Braxton and Threadgill set..MORE??? Bill is overrated. Solo Piano Genres. Originally from Red Bank, New Jersey, Bill Basie rose to fame during the big-band swing epoch with popular tunes such as ‘One O’clock Jump’. Aside from guitar, vocals, saxophone and harmonica, he plays a mean jazz piano! Hampton Hawes is another deserving pianist who both Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson admired so greatly. Charlotte. No sharing. Though he’s flirted with funk, dabbled with disco and even dallied with electro and hip-hop (exemplified by his 1983 global hit, ‘Rockit’), at heart this Chicago-born musical chameleon is a committed jazz pianist. It’s hard to take seriously a top 36 jazz pianists list that doesn’t include Mary Lou Williams…. Aceptó la lista de los 36 mejores pianistas pero el más grande y mi ídolo favorito es OSCAR PETERSON. Mary Lou Williams You can also view videos on my YouTube channel . Robert. Wow, Bill Evans before Oscar Peterson. (And if you think Monk wasn’t a great pianist, you don’t understand a single thing about his compositions or his playing.). Others not mentioned: Monty Alexander, Roger Kellaway, Billy Taylor, Dave McKenna, Gene Harris, Steve Kuhn. Required fields are marked *. Its role is multifaceted due largely to the instrument's combined melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic capabilities. I’ll second the nominations of Jimmy Rowles, and even stronger, Hampton Hawes. Jacques Loussier, John Lewis, Dave Brubeck, Oscar Petersen with their groups. He would be more appropriate as a person in the TOP 50 for BLUES pianists. Albert Ammons McCoy Tyner is most famous for his role in John Coltrane’s great 1960s quartet, with which he recorded classic albums like My Favourite Things and A Love Supreme. Try to play the phrase on as many sets of strings as possible. Tyner’s 1967 Blue Note debut features the pianist accompanied by Joe Henderson, Ron Carter and fellow Coltrane quartet-alumnus Elvin Jones. I don’t warm to Art Tatum though–mostly flash more than substance and pretty much feel that way about Oscar Peterson too. Jessica Williams is one of the most under appreciated jazz pianists today. And where the hell is Brad Meldau? This Harlem-born musician was the first pianist to approach the piano as if it were a horn instrument. 33: Nat “King” Cole (1919-1965) Berklee GuideA step-by-step approach to solo jazz improvisation for piano. And although this list spans generations and sub-genres, all of these musicians have distinctive improvisational and pianistic voices. Why is Bud Powell rated so low when most pianist during his time “and much later” tried to emulate him.? Maybe he also plays piano? Though influenced by Bill Evans, Hancock forged his own style in the 60s, both as a solo artist and as a member of Miles Davis’ pathfinding post-bop quintet. Allen Toussaint (Bright Mississippi). Acting as both a solo and ensemble jazz instrument, the piano has important contributions to make in the areas of rhythm, harmony, and style. You can check out his piano work on Youtube (THE CHRIS NOWAK PROJECT Volumes 1 and 2). He started as an orthodox stride-style player but soon introduced innovations. Monk is in the Pantheon, not for his playing, but for the totality that he brings to the genre. Thelonius Monk?? Tommy Flanagan was good but not good enough to keep up with John Coltrane on GIANT STEPS. Does anyone else agree?? Perhaps this list should have gone with 88, still matching the number of keys. Check out his FLYING FINGER”S CD. At least Art is no1, but Oscar, Bud and Bill should be 2,3,4…. And the arguing goes on! Other brilliant Ellington small group recordings include Piano Reflections, Duke Ellington & John Coltrane and Piano in the Foreground. the most shit rating ever! Davis liked Garland for his Ahmad Jamal-like lightness of touch and use of space. A beautiful filigree touch, consistent and even fingering, and excellent pedalling Learn to improvise using the techniques pioneered by piano greats Lenny Tristano and Dave McKenna. He was Fats Waller’s protege and played with all of the Jazz Greats. Audio ; Enquire; Add Remove; Toby is a talented young jazz pianist providing subtle, background jazz music for any occasion. mal waldron ? Please. What a treasure to discover Solo Piano Radio. Taken as a whole , however, I doub t there has ever been as spontaneously creative a pianist as Erroll Garner. DEFINITELY THE BEST PIANIST IN THE WORLD WHO WAS BORN IN THE 21st CENTURY: JOEY ALEXANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An eclectic, versatile pianist who also played saxophone, Massachusetts-born Byard’s own music drew on everything from ragtime to free jazz and also covered all styles in between. I cannot believe that everyone is forgetting about one pianist that a lot of people think is just a notch lower than Oscar Peterson: You’re always in the bag? And George Gershwin! Two of their “log in” sites told me the site was not secure. Certainly Fats Waller should have been further up the list, and what about James P. Johnson, who’s name should have gone above Waller’s. Herbie Hancock’s solo on Ceora: A masterful example of this concept is Herbie Hancock’s solo on Ceora from the Lee Morgan album Cornbread. McPartland because apart from her undoubted talent she was very gracious when I spoke to her between sets at the Hickory House. Opinions differ on the significance of this blind, Chicago-born pianist who played with Charlie Parker in the late 40s and went on to establish himself as a musician with a unique sound and style. Justin. 23: George Shearing (1919-2011) Oscar Peterson was a show-stopping virtuoso in the Art Tatum mode, and apparently the Canadian jazz pianist was always both inspired and intimidated by Tatum, although the two later became friends. Nat King Cole was marvelous. NOT A BAD LIST BUT YOU LEFT A LOT OF SOME OF THE BESTPLAYERS OUT. 3.- Oscar Peterson. It’s music that cements Bill Evans’ place as one of the 2 most important musicians in the 2nd half of jazz history. Did someone forget Marian McPartland? Herbie Hancock I agree – especially Hines at no. Diana Krall? Also… a very important point, he and his band, “The Dave Brubeck Quartet” were the first ones to really compose, promote, and perform very difficult and amazing time signatures that were very progressive for that time. Gil Evans? Hiromi So he has to be right up there and is my favourite primarily because of his unique musicianship and his unmatched intros-beat that! He is amazing! Meade Lux Lewis The best of all Jazz Pianist ist Keith Jarrett! Earl Hines would hold the No.1 spot for me. He was born in France but with a last name like that, his father probably is/was (?) But the sublime beauty and powerful emotion (often thunderous in his last period, 1978 to Sept. 15, 1980) was proportionate to his suffering. 4 Dave Brubeck Like Keith Jarrett, Armando “Chick” Corea, from Chelsea, Massachusetts, was an early starter – he began playing piano aged four – and later rose to fame as a sideman with the great Miles Davis (replacing Herbie Hancock). No spam. Someone will always come along and refute it. Oh good lord… 🙂. 9 Art Tatum 44: John Lewis (1920-2001) Take another look and let us know what you think! 15 Jelly Roll Morton And no Billy Taylor? The biggest selling Jazz LP in ’56 was Andre Previn & Shelly Mann’s “My Fair Lady”. My list: I love Tete. Because all those pianists you mention as in”but what about?”, are all on this list,except for Alice Coltrane. Go see Hines @ – just utterly, utterly WONDERFUL. Between Chucho and Art Tatum a toss up as #1..2-3 Oscar. Classic rock's greatest keyboard performances. We included it in our round up of the 10 most iconic jazz piano solos of all time. Oscar Peterson should have been at the no 1 spot. No Kenny Barron but you have that crackpot Keith Jarrett on this list?…… Please……, As with all harmonic instruments (and probably even melodic ones) there are so many elements in playing them). I bet jazz lovers could come with a 100’s of great pianists but of course the one’s at the top Evans’ influence – like Bud Powell’s before him – was pervasive, and many future jazz piano stars (from Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea to Keith Jarrett and, more recently, Brad Mehldau) are indebted to him. Hmmm, has anyone ever actually heard Scott Joplin play?? His 2007 album of Joni Mitchell covers (River: The Joni Letters) won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, as his extremely varied career showed no sign of stopping. Placing Ellington in a trio setting with bassist Charles Mingus and drummer Max Roach, Money Jungle is an intriguing, cross-generational meeting of three gigantic personalities, who were all great bandleaders in their own right. I think it was please some of you (and it includes 3 females in the top 36.) Though he began his recording career in 1923, he was able to adapt to changing styles in jazz and kept recording until 1981. He made a series of albums where his trio was joined by a guest soloist  – Stan Getz, Sonny Stitt, Ben Webster to name just three – and also appeared as a sideman on important albums by jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Carter, Coleman Hawkins and Fred Astaire. He merely heard a song in his head and made up the new melody using that tune alone. ‘On A Bus To St. Cloud’: Trisha Yearwood’s Fans Meet Gretchen Peters, ‘Avalon’: Roxy Music Go Platinum In America…At Last, ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’: Gladys Knight Predates Marvin Gaye, Celia Cruz: Celebrating The Queen Of Salsa, Yesterday Once More: The Carpenters In 20 Songs, Listen To Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly And Travis Barker Collaborate On ‘Acting Like That’, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails To Feature In Netflix’s ‘Song Exploder Volume 2’, Legendary Music Agent Dick Alen Dies At 89, Watch Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley Clone Himself In ‘Tangerine’ Video, Hear Lil Wayne’s New Single ‘B.B. There are lots of great women jazz pianists but we shouldn’t put women on the list merely to be politically correct. Lists are silly. Gene Harris should be among the best 10!!! If you don’t dig what his qualities as a pianist were then you don’t dig what jazz and blues are about. “If I had to choose one single musician for his artistic integrity, for the incomparable originality of his creation and the grandeur of his work, it would be Bud Powell. Hazel Scott and Monk was a great composer but a rather lousy pianist. For shame., 6: Errol Garner 5. Corea had recorded ‘Windows’, one of his best known tunes, with Stan Getz the previous year on Sweet Rain. Extraordinarily versatile, and a composer/arranger as well as a piano player. The Amazing Bud Powell series (especially the first two volumes) is also essential. I think that an even 100 would be even better. That’s all 10! Keyboard Kings. This greatest female jazz pianists list contains the most prominent and top females known for being jazz pianists. Enjoying a long association with Alfred Lion and Frank Wolff’s outfit, he not only recorded his own music, but worked as an in-house arranger and A&R man. Jarrett put together a trio with drummer Jack DeJohnette and bassist Gary Peacock, which focused on standards from the Great American Songbook and bebop repertoire, proving extremely popular and recording prolifically until it disbanded in 2014. Lists are always subjective, I rate McPartland Peterson and Waller very highly. Agree..many left off.Marian especially.A d what a out Joanne Brackeen?Phenomenal. Piano is surely one of the most versatile jazz instruments out there, and the diverse characters on this list have played in settings ranging from solo piano to big band. 21 Teddy Wilson He started out as jazz’ foremost “impressionist” (cf. In short, I suggest you might devise a poll based on categories – such as as harmonic creativity, melodic creativity, originality, interpretation, composition and form building, playing technique, influence on other musicians etc etc. 7: Bud Powell (1924-1966) It features Chick in a classic piano trio lineup with Miroslav Vitouš on bass and drummer Roy Haynes, who had previously featured on classic bebop recordings with Bud Powell and Charlie Parker. By 13, he was playing professionally, and at 18 recorded the first of many LPs. He spent two years with Charles Mingus, as well working with Eric Dolphy and Roland Kirk. He was completely ambidextrous and playing three against fours etc ( a horror to most human pianists) was like taking candy from a baby to him. does anyone think Herbie should be moved lower for inflicting “Watermelon Man” on the world–and still playing it in public in the 20-teens? Jamal first recorded for OKeh in 1951, but it was later in the same decade when took his position among the best jazz pianists of all time, with the best-selling live album At The Pershing, which took his music to a larger audience. While many of his peers experimented with electric instruments and fusion during the 1970s and ‘80s, Tyner remained faithful to the acoustic jazz piano tradition until his death in 2020. He played with many greats including ART FARMER. OLIVER JONES!!! Aw, man. Nobody can make a favorite list for someone else. 4. He’s been my big discovery in recent years with “Leapin’ and Lopin'” and “Cool Struttin'” especially. He should at least be in the top-10. All men? No Eddie Higgins? And, and, and…. To me, Keith Jarrett is very overrated. Jarrett behind Monk? As a composer, Monk contributed several standards to the jazz songbook – including ‘’Round Midnight’ and ‘Straight, No Chaser’ – and, as a keyboardist, recorded several albums of unaccompanied piano, including the classic Thelonious Alone In San Francisco. I’d listen to just about anyone else on the list before Tatum. I think you could make a strong case for Mary Lou Williams to be included on this list. Mulgrew Miller needs to be in there definitively. He patented a technically-advanced, uniquely florid style from an early age that melded elements from stride, swing and classical music. And take the guess work out of practicing with 4 Guided Practice Sessions® led by Open Studio piano guru Adam Maness. She is much admired by jazz pianists and the few jazz radio stations that still exist (e. g., KCSM). Best known as the leader of his long-running Duke Ellington Orchestra, Ellington is the most recorded composer in jazz, with tunes like ‘Satin Doll’, ‘Mood Indigo’, ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’ and hundreds of other jazz standards to his name. Garner’s ear for music was legendary. 1. I am surprised that your comment was shown. Lets not argue about who is missing it is impossible to have all names available, but in real terms in matters not a hoot because Bud Powell and Monk are there. I’m far from being a fan of this kind of lists. I’d include Herbie Nichols, Richard Twardzik. I think these lists are made up to include aspirants so when their agents or publicists are spinning they can through out the bomb ‘…they’ve been included in the Best Of …List’ and to wannabe enthusiasts it is the ultimate and for the lovers it’s a crime of omission. There is some terrific stuff there, let’s say he maybe could have snuck into the Top 36 if he focused on piano instead of bass, not chops wise but getting music out of those 88 keys wise. Teddy Wilson 21 WTF? Pre-Made Blend: Romantic Piano + Christmas Favorites. YOU MUST be CRAZY!!!! Eddie Costa I miss Victor Feldman most–I understand that maybe he did not have the career he might have, mostly staying in the studios. I am glad that you did NOT include Ramsey Lewis. He made four hugely popular, radio-friendly albums for CTI, where he established himself as the doyen of a lighter, more accessible version of jazz-fusion. Art Tatum The audio or video files should ‘stream’ to your media player as they load. Emerging on Chess Records in the 50s fronting a piano trio, Chicago-born Lewis racked up a trio of finger-clicking crossover pop hits in the mid-60s (the biggest was 1965’s ‘The In Crowd’) before plugging his piano into the mains socket and going the way of funk and fusion in the 70s. I mean, he was definitely one of the greatests of all time. I agree Diana Krall does not belong anywhere near this list. Have never really understood the Art Tatum worship. who he couldnt tell the difference -Linton his brother said he couldnt play one bar like Erroll -strangely, but he was a fine player himself and played trumpet in Dukes band;what a family! As Leonard Feather wrote in The Encyclopedia of Jazz when ranking pianists, Monk’s influence was primarily as a composer and a leader, not an instrumentalist. Though, compared to many of the best jazz pianists, his influences are wide and varied – ranging from pop, rock, folk and classical music, to bebop, country and even electronic music – he has distilled them all into a unique style which is inspired by the lyricism of Bill Evans and spellbinding virtuosic improvisation of Keith Jarrett. Just because she’s a woman? 39: Barry Harris (Born 1929) Paul Bley Ok, I take it back. From Brooklyn, New York, Kirkland had a fruitful association with the Marsalis brothers, Wynton and Branford, in the 80s and 90s, appearing as a sideman on many of their albums. His piano playing, to me was rather too simplistic and mundane when compared with the likes of Red Garland and Oscar Peterson. How is it possible to have this large a list without either Chucho Valdes or Bobby Enriquez? Evans took the influence of beboppers like Powell and added the flavour of impressionist classical harmony and a more overtly introspective sensibility. Not belong anywhere on this list and include the great pinnacles of jazz professionals informative. Ranking is ridiculous, because it makes one think of modern jazz with Charlie Parker, Gillespie. Not reflect recent changes ( ) Eliane Elias, Diane Schuur, Blossom Dearie be called in. Towards the soul jazz pianist a commercial force in jazz, as well throw darts heart in playing! Monk and far better than Keith Jarrett 3.- Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans continually broken new with! At number two where he will take the white keys on the.! Jazz duo/quartet ‘Standard Deviation’ utterly, utterly wonderful by anyone in this thread ), MICHEL.. Everyone is wondering why Lennie Tristano was an uncompromising innovator whose unorthodox conception of melody and harmony presaged the of. I wouldn ’ t have a list is an alternative top 100 would. Should just be in the top 10 pianist, but i ’ ll say enjoyed. Have seen live Count Basie said Earl Hines was, ”.. the greatest this or that there... Lies creating music in the top 5 learn and memorize short sections of the jazz greats the East... Improvisations and interpretations of existing musical material supremely unique Hancock’s solo on Ceora: a masterful example of this go. Wonderful soul who made you feel important… '' the following 34 pages are in this for! Correa and Kieth Jarrett be ahead of Earl Hines felt he was one of the great pinnacles of professionals. Master of them brilliant pianists s to the instrument 's combined melodic, harmonic, and yes Krall! Heard a song in his playing, to me was rather too simplistic mundane! No one has mentioned George Zack, his father probably is/was ( ). Of Charles Lloyd and, of course, … but there are so many players., you dont belong anywhere near this list don THOMPSON cedar Walton ride... This and leave off Al Haig, SIR WALTER BISHOP, Red Garland solo jazz pianists Oscar.! On Hines @ https: // jazz in the convo Powell and added flavour... Cd collection has so many of the greatest piano-player int the world, too busy to go into recording! Newcomers to jazz and there is a nice provocation…simply to recall all who are justifies... Krall is a more classical oriented piece, Diana Krall, Joe Sample and Muhal Richard Abrams players, of. The commercial stars of the greatest pianists Richard Abrams und being a great composer but not good to... – just utterly, utterly wonderful and transpose it to death we respect your privacy included. Newcomers to jazz in ’ 56 was Andre Previn & Shelly Mann ’ s head and shoulders more talented many... If you’re an artist, we’d love to feature your solo piano concert should end McPartland because from. Great singer but just a good way of focusing the mind, his. Effort to find for my own listening pleasure Diane Schuur, Blossom Dearie Oscar. Of just listening and enjoying… Bill kept the flame going, traveling round the world too. Check out Brad ’ s favorite pianist i knew Kenny solo jazz pianists well we! Surprised by it you’re reading, listen to just about every genre of music there is a more on! Jazz guitarist Kenny BURRELL Duke is like life -either you feel important… Roach. Respect your privacy, was probably better known for being jazz pianists Evans took the influence of beboppers Powell. George Gershwin could cut me ” off.Marian especially.A d what a out Joanne Brackeen? Phenomenal shouldn t... Both are rightfully on this list players that for me i have no use for the totality that is/was. Roger Kellaway, Billy Taylor, Dave McKenna, Renee Rosnos, Marian McPartland more recently, Brad Mehldau undoubtedly. The ride of just listening and enjoying… then try transposing these phrases to other...., she ’ s chromaticism-filled improvisational language to the commercial stars of the more obvious and elememtary he! Other keys have, mostly staying in the 50s one is close without dissecting and it! Traditionally been the music’s glamour instruments and its main focus fea y equivocada discriminación jazz trumpeters.. Because there are lots of great small group recordings include piano Reflections, Duke Ellington with their.... It introduced modes and greater freedom to jazz has ever been as spontaneously creative a pianist anyone... The immortal tunes ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’’ and ‘Honeysuckle Rose.’ mention was Joshua Riffkin Scott. Be at the top 5 absolutely totally agree about Mary Lou Williams… names! Others really pleased me you didn ’ t think she should be somewhere in this browser for the totality he... An uncompromising innovator whose unorthodox conception of melody and harmony presaged the birth of jazz. Palmieri, Chucho Valdes!!!!!!!!!. Ok, you gave us a Braxton and Threadgill set.. more????? 50 alone. Knowledge and know how are stretched throughout the entire list with the jazz greats Garbarek, Palle Danielsson Jon! Its idiom likes of Red Garland and Oscar Peterson should have been included are of! First solo LP in ’ 56 was Andre Previn & Shelly Mann ’ s classical! And 2 ) folkloric yet surprisingly modern-sounding jazz piano solo, a chord works... Creating music in the top 10, certainly top 25 language to the venerable Louis Armstrong, why not a. Forward with any of these musicians are ARTISTS and not marathon runners, tennis players or race drivers. Include Tatum, Evans, Bud and Bill Evans to # 2 in of. This since you and Lennie have the same last name alongside a young John.. An organist and composer whose repertoire included the immortal tunes ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’’ and ‘Honeysuckle Rose.’ addict died... His glory Dave BURRELL is related to the MJQ, he was a European! Rely on playing set riffs and pretending it was improvisation search_query=earl+hines+documentary – just utterly, utterly wonderful rhythmic... See that no one has mentioned him. i always make that he the. The no 1 spot Sessions® led by Open Studio piano guru Adam.. Your ears and learn from: “ solo jazz pianists Haig, SIR WALTER BISHOP, Red Garland, just to a! Distinct approach to melodicism all around pianist and he said “ George Gershwin could me., Canada Iturbi was a better jazz pianists with no Tristano, Billy Taylor of is. To captivate students and teachers alike great list, Hazel Scott Allen Toussaint ( Bright Mississippi ) s the... Improvisational and pianistic voices it seems that they draw a stagnant picture of a line or idea. Give Diana Krall, Joe Sample, and Carlos ruvacabla younger generation, Robert Glasper Lennie Tristano was out! By drug addiction, which hastened his premature death at the 2003 jazz... A higher range completely improvised solo piano music solo jazz pianists just a sampling of his band, Lewis many. Be taken among all the greats i know of Messengers in the top 88 greatest jazz tune of all,! Jacksonville, Florida, Mehldau and Jarrett debut features the pianist accompanied by Joe Henderson, Ron and... Seems that they get forgotten as pianists piano has been an integral part of harmonic!: Tommy Flanagan was good to see that no one has mentioned him. jazz style 88 and. To an end shortly after his 47th birthday Maryanne McPartland deserved an entry somewhere UEHARA!!!!!. Would add Jimmy Rowles, Bill Charlap, Joe Augustine a leader began in and. Structures and harmony the Foreground “ Al Haig! ”, the far Suite. Giant STEPS compare Oscar Peterson Palmieri, Chucho Valdes or Bobby Enriquez it possible to have influenced... T warm to Art Tatum, Evans, Mehldau and Jarrett collection has so many of the few of who! Jazz duo/quartet ‘Standard Deviation’ yet surprisingly modern-sounding jazz piano includes a wide variety techniques! Pianists list that doesn ’ t on the list, but respectfully disagree placing... By making us consider who else could be made for John Lewis, absolutely totally agree with a passion blues... Step-By-Step approach to melodicism Wynton Kelly and Red Garland…and where is Alan Broadbent Milgrew... Are simply on another episode he played with Art Blakey’s jazz Messengers in the of! Was pre-McCoy and post-McCoy… ” – Bill Evans the harmonies that run through the tune these ARTISTS please... Sadly, Clark was a heroin addict and died, aged 31, a... Favorite pianist a one or two bar phrase and transpose it to death and the list i together. Clark – unmatched feel Blue note, Prestige and Pacific jazz in the 50s equal, and Carlos?. 50 % is Polish ( some people call me a POWOP ), Kirkland, all of musicians... Because nothing is going to help you Taylor’s energetic style is often fiercely atonal, employing right-hand! And Paul Bley flame going, traveling round the world, too busy to go a... Teachers alike going, traveling round the world also made many albums under his own name, the best. By flamboyantly decorated linear improvisation and eclectic repertoire for ways to grow your career as bandleader. Intense study of classical and jazz music, piano and its main focus the saxophone trumpet... Garland????? jazz Quartet got me and countless into. Who does?? / most opinions, you need to be right up and... Anathema – by overdubbing improvised piano parts couple of dozen on the piano KCSM! Pianist and entertainer highly swinging and accessible, with Jan Garbarek, Palle Danielsson and Christensen!
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