Sometimes you will play a game like “20 Questions” just for the […] . Are you willing to potentially sacrifice your very existence for the greater good of humanity? What If…? What if you had to spend 100 days on a desert island all alone? What if you had to choose between a wonderful romantic spouse to whom you would be married for only a few years or a boring, unromantic spouse for your entire life? What would you change? It’s not just in the beginning, either. Would you be a considered a hero or a villain in your story? Would you be able to cut it in a world lit by candles? Which sport would you choose and why? This last is the ultimate starting point, but you’re only limited to your imagination. What if it already did? Are you The One? also check- best questions about me / best most likely questions … Moltissimi esempi di frasi con "what if questions" – Dizionario italiano-francese e motore di ricerca per milioni di traduzioni in italiano. Which moment would you choose and why? Use these conversation starters when you’re interested in going beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. What If Questions Game. The big question remaining is ‘who will own the data?’ Corporates will either pay for it or use it as a selection tool while recruiting. What would you do differently? They’re similar to conversation starters, but they have that extra something that helps people to open up to you. What’s the latest. Would he be homeless or naked? What if you woke up and discovered you had changed sexes over night? What if you could change one thing about yourself? Ask and answer questions about models, features, and data points. Which color would you choose and why? What if we found live dinosaurs living on a remote island? What will you do if you break up with your friend? oh wait . .she’s dead, what if I meet Doctor Stephen Strange ? Here we have gathered some witty but funny what if questions and games you should really play when next you hang out with your partner. However, it can be really hard to think of great questions to ask on your own! Always below freezing? 6. What if you decided to love completely, without strings attached, because you finally realized that THIS IS IT? definition: 1. used to ask about something that could happen in the future, especially something bad: 2. used…. Which would it be and why? The temperature in a volcano is 4 times hotter than in your kitchen oven at its full capacity. What if you saw someone steal from the place where you work? What if you woke up and could not speak your native language, but only one that you could not understand? Would we be serving reptilian overlords? What if you found a way to get really rich very quickly that was illegal? 50 what-if questions to reimagine the future. As the relationship between you continues to grow, you will find yourself constantly asking your partner questions on the daily. Here's my list for now. What if you could start your life all over? ), so here's a foolproof list straight from Levinson herself. These are the types of questions that people never thought they would have to answer in a billion years, and that’s what makes them awesome. Purple Kids Mattress Review – Is this the best for your kid? What if you could find a cure for a disease? These are some of the biggest and best what if questions. Who would you run to for comfort? Some of them are forward, some of them are heavy, and some are downright strange. Questions: wh- questions - English Grammar Today - una guida di riferimento alla grammatica e all'uso dell'inglese parlato e scritto - Cambridge Dictionary 30+ “What If” Questions that will Make You Love Your Life What if I completely trusted God’s love? Monster Staff. What would you wish for? UPDATES. Some typical questions that could be generated are shown in Figure C-2 for illustration purposes. What ten things would you take with you and why? Usage of “already” and “yet ” 5. No matter what, you’re sure to get a response! At least you’d feed more people on the island. Here are some more questions to add to your repertoire: Sure, what if questions are a ton of fun, and that’s exactly why you don’t want to overdo them. Swapping out our Syntax Highlighter. The fact that fingerprints are unique is widely known and used for decades. Want to work out what’s going on in your girlfriend, Best friend, boyfriend, family’s mind? What would it taste like? Some of these questions force you to use your imagination by putting you in impossible situations. What if you were a tree? What if you were invited to high tea with the Queen of England? A person’s dream home can reveal quite a bit about their personality and tastes as well as their goals and ambitions. If the whole world were listening, what would you say? What if you let it? Who would you choose and why? Here are 8 of the best funny what if questions to ask: This question really makes you rethink the tranquility of that “Sounds of Nature” album you fall asleep to. What if you saw your zipper was down and people had noticed? Just as I mentioned in the article, one helpful strategy can involve learning to let the question remain unanswered. What if we're failing? What if you hit a car in a parking lot, but nobody saw you do it? What if you had to lose a body part? What would you choose to wear and why? Related. Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. What if I had no money… would you still love me? 31 Best Chemistry Pick Up Lines – Spark interesting conversations. 3. Here’s a list of 50 questions to excite your imagination, invalidate your history textbooks, and infuriate your stuffy childhood history teacher. Which would you choose and why? What if you used a public toilet and discovered there was no paper? Icebreaker questions are some of the most popular icebreaker games.Icebreaker questions are of many different kinds and can be used for any age group. Once in awhile you might find yourself needing a little help. What if you could spend your life never sleeping? Even more obscure is the question of which point on the Earth's surface moves the fastest as the Earth spins, which is the same as asking which point is farthest from the Earth's axis. Then ask her a few of these fun but revealing “what if questions to access her true are my collection of best Questions For you. These questions put you in bizarre situations that tickle your brain’s funny bone every time. without any adverse effect to your image or health? What if your body was a bright color? Questions for Conversation (What Would You Do? Here are 7 of the best fun what if questions to ask: Bonus points if you can do your best impression. Eternal consciousness is bound to get old eventually, and what if there’s nobody around to flip the switch off? Would you take the risk? Some of the greatest cinematic stories have come from the answers to some of those questions. Here is a downloadable and printable list of what if questions (right click the image and select Save Image As…): What if questions are a whole lot of fun, but don’t forget to change it up once in a while. You don’t want to be in possession of the wrong person’s suitcase full of money! The next one I ask is, “What if you woke up this morning and a cuddly lion cub was sleeping at the foot of your bed?” 26 Best Funny Hypothetical Questions – Spark fun conversations. What would it be and why? What if you woke up one morning to find you had switched bodies and families with your best friend? Use them to blow minds. What if your unique heartbeat could unlock doors? What if you could change one thing about the world? Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. "What if the earth isn't flat? What if you could send a short message to the entire world? Required fields are marked *. CODE. What if there was no electricity for a year anywhere in the world? Others are more of thought exercises that make you think outside the box by imagining strange occurrences and alternative universes. We should all be always looking for new things to celebrate — no matter how small. Getting to know someone you just met can be tough, especially if you are a nervous talker. 7 Best Beer of the Month Club to Join or Gift in 2020 [Buying Guide], The 10 Best Antiperspirants and Deodorants for Men. The answer isn't Chimborazo or Everest. What if a nuclear submarine was ordered to launch their nuclear arsenal onto the world? what if? What would your chosen day be like? What if you used every moment of your life productively? What if you could change one awful event in world history, but it might mean you would never have been born? Feel free to put your own twists on questions — especially if you can make them more relatable to the person you’re talking to. Admittedly, job interviews are stressful. How To Get A Girlfriend - 20 Simple steps to finally get the girl. One of the best ways to find compelling and engaging story concepts is to come up with intriguing “What if…” questions. There is no doubt you would die, but how – that is the question! When you want to keep someone on their toes, you can’t beat random questions. 2. What if they did? Would we be able to find a solution? This is a fun question because you can discuss where the money potentially came from too, which might affect your decisions. 6. And if you spend enough time convincing him, will he eventually let you in? What if you could only live somewhere that was always above 100 degrees? They give your conversational companion a specific subject to marinate on, from light and silly to deep and sometimes even disturbing. What if you could shape your own future just as you wanted it to be? 13 Strange “What If” Questions. After all, too much of anything can get old, and you don’t want to become known as the guy who constantly asks “what if…” in every social situation. What if you could marry someone famous, either living or dead? One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do. What monster would you choose to be? And I know it sounds too good to be true, but the right question to ask someone can change your life. Here are 7 of the best what if conversation starter questions: Is it cannibalism if you’re made of sentient processed meats? 83 Hypothetical Questions – Fun, but nearly impossible to answer. When we get nervous, conversation may not come natural. What if you won the lottery and had enough money to change the world? Responding to the Lavender Letter and commitments moving forward. What if you woke up tomorrow morning and could only hop everywhere you went? How questions with who and what are formed and their difference in meaning Just because you’re using the “what if” format doesn’t mean you can ask anything. If a classmate asked you for the answer to a question during an exam while the teacher was not looking, what would you do? A therapist can help guide you in this process. What if you had to teach someone one thing? That question usually gets me bombarded with a hundred answers at once. This is a lighthearted question that still makes you think long and hard about what your decision would be. These funny questions to ask will have the other person in stitches. The second conditional questions are based on the first conditionalThe First Conditional is a structure used for talking about possibilities in the present or in the futureThese are some example of questions made with the first conditional 1. The fastest point turns out to be the … What if we could only talk in rhymes and meter? When you’re ready to take the conversation to that next level, use these deep questions to ask. A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom. Imagine our situation now if the "what if" question wasn't asked or didn't exist at all. Living with uncertainty and unresolved questions can be challenging. What if you could relive any moment in your life whenever you wished to? They can be made even worse when the interview questions are open ended. These are the big questions that may keep you up at night. What if you were alone at home and you heard footsteps coming up your stairs? The beauty of these hilarious what if questions is that sometimes the real humor comes from the answers. They’re great because you can choose unique questions for specific people, and a person’s answers can tell you a lot about the inner-workings of their brain. What if you had to choose between great wealth or great wisdom? Well, do you personally know anyone who has tried to breathe in space? What would it be? What if questions are incredibly versatile. Featured on Meta Goodbye, Prettify. What if you discovered you could heal diseases? 25 4th of July Trivia Questions and Answers – Learn amazing facts. View developer guide. series, we find experts to answer all kinds of bizarre but fascinating hypothetical questions. Use these fun questions to ask when you just want to keep things light. What if you had a money tree growing in your backyard? Does it still exist? What if you had to choose between fame and fortune? Or he just decided we’re on our own from there. What if you were allowed to eat only one food for the rest of your life? 31 Best Biology Pick Up Lines – Spark amazing conversations. Which color would you choose and why? And we can only see the true nature of reality when we breathe in space? You have to keep the questions fresh in order to keep the appeal of the game. What if you had to choose between money or no love or love and no money? What if you could do one thing so well you could be famous? The Power of What If! Browse other questions tagged grammar or ask your own question. What if you could talk to animals? What if I never existed? Use these random questions to go beyond the norm and into uncharted territories. Admittedly, job interviews are stressful. What if you could only wear one color the rest of your life? What if questions can help you form connections fast, but you don’t want to rush or force it. Copyright © Boureston Media Inc // All Rights Reserved | Contact Us | Work with Us | Disclosures: Privacy | Disclaimer | Cookies | FTC | Do Not Sell My Personal Information. What if questions should be light — even when the topics are heavy. Your email address will not be published. (Crimson Tide) What if you had three wishes? Which would you choose and why? What if you were given the opportunity to mold your spouse or partner the way you wanted? Our selection of questions contains an element of fun and quirkiness to help those playing enjoy asking questions and getting answers. Here are 8 of the best what if ice breaker questions: This question helps you to understand the value that people in your life put on material things. What if you went for a walk in the woods and found a money tree? Would you take a gamble or go with a safe bet? PS. Now you do. Glad the article was helpful. What if you were a type of candy? A fine mental drill & brain exercise challenge. If those responses are mainly “Good,” then it sounds like you’re dating a perfect angel. His work has been featured on, iHeart Media, Elite Daily, and The Urban List. What if you were offered the opportunity to go into space? Many of these questions don’t have any context, and that’s okay. What would you put in it and why? Next time you see one, check out the event horizon and report back. Sometimes, breaking through someone’s cold, tough exterior can be challenging. What if a turtle didn’t have his shell? What if you could live under water because you had gills? Is it better to have loved and lost…? What if you could invent a new food? What if you could never eat your favorite food again in your life? Some of them are incredibly tough — sometimes even impossible. Like an itch, questions need to be scratched. 36 Best Football Trivia Questions And Answers – Spark fun conversations. Questions exercises: what, where, when, who, whose, which, how . Questions like the following erased from the history of the human race: "What if you could cure polio?" At least you wouldn’t be haunted by dead batteries anymore. After all, sometimes people get bored with the typical, average openers — you can only discuss how your work week is going so many times until it becomes talking just for the sake of being polite. 50 what-if questions to reimagine the future. As you can see from these examples, what if questions give us an alternative way of expressing conditional ideas. If you want to relax after class, what will you watch? What if you found a wallet with $10,000 in it? There are more crazy questions and crazier answers in one my favorite books by the same name - What If?. What if you have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of someone you love? 8500 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048, What If Questions To Ask Your Bestfriend/ Boyfriend, What If Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend/ Girl, Top 120+ Best Hypothetical Questions And Answers 2020, Top 170+ Best Questions For Boyfriend 2020 (Updated), Top 150+ Best Questions To Ask A Guy 2021 (Updated), Top 150+ Best Questions To Ask A Girl 2021 (Flirty), Top 100+ Best Get To Know Questions 2021 (Updated), Top 150+ Best Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend 2021, Top 100+ Best Questions To Ask On First Date 2021, Top 100+ Best Fun Questions To Ask 2021 (Have Fun). 3. What if you were a hotdog and you were starving, would you eat yourself? What if no one hears a sound? Which would you choose and why? What if people cared more about doing the right thing than doing things right? Jasper lives in Georgia with his new bride. What if you were badly injured in an accident and your car ran off the road and was hidden from site? Having the right questions to ask prepared goes a long way in helping you to connect with people more effectively. Can one be happy with no money? What if a ghost haunted your bedroom at night? You never know what’s going on in those parallel universes. What if you woke up and were twenty years younger? They ask questions so immense that people can’t answer them based on their current knowledge or where they currently stand." If - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary What if you could stop time whenever you wanted to? As the “What-If” questions are being generated, the facilitator should ensure that each member of the team has an opportunity to input potential errors or failures. Want to work out what’s going on in your girlfriend, Best friend, boyfriend, family’s mind? What if I believed God is for me? What if all these questions didn't mean anything? What if you woke up and discovered you were the only person on earth? Understanding Women (6 Steps) – Get to know them better! Would you enjoy it? 36 Best Harry Potter Pick Up Lines - Spark magical conversations. Brick shoes? What if you could not make your own decisions, but you had to choose someone else to make them for you? Need a point in time for your alternate timeline to diverge? Starting a conversation with what if questions is a surefire way to make sure you’re remembered after meeting someone new. Grammar exercises lower intermediate level esl. What if you could choose how you were going to die? What if you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, a handsome chauffeur, or daily house cleaner? Which food would you choose and why? These interesting questions empower you to stimulate each other’s minds and think in new and exciting ways. What would you do? What if you found out you were really a robot? The “What If?” game also works well as a teaching tool to begin an essay or class discussion. What if we were forced to live in a zombie apocalypse? Monster Staff. What if you could live anywhere in the world? And their talent is staying extremely well hidden? Now that you have a solid list of questions to ask, go have some fun with them. These questions are just one of many tools in your kit. Staff picks. Inside you'd quickly burst into flames and burn to death. Many translated example sentences containing "what if questions" – Dutch-English dictionary and search engine for Dutch translations. Swapping out our Syntax Highlighter. 3. When a great question is posed, whether in a … Think about your own answers so you can contribute to the conversation. Approach them in a relaxed, easy, and casual way, and through the magic of good conversation, you’ll find that you’re able to form meaningful connections that last. Pay attention to how people react, and take mental note of the best ones. Of course, not all questions are equal. What if I liked to dance naked while listening to One Direction? What if you were shipwrecked on an uninhabited island? Surely you jest. What would it be? Spectacular feats have been achieved that were born of nothing but mere words. What if you saw someone come out of a public toilet with paper stuck on their shoe? What if you dropped everything to pursue your dreams? What could possibly go wrong? He loves coming up with questions, jokes, and topics designed to create natural conversation. Here are 4 of the best what if random questions: Knowing only what you know about them now. What if you switched places with your pet? Asking oneself a “what if…?” questions invites an individual to worry about low-probability / high-consequence possibilities – to catastrophize. These ice breaker questions can help with that. Purple Kids Mattress Review - Is this the best for your kid? Feel free to make up your own if you’re not into any of the current options. What if you were the President of the United States? What if you were excellent at a sport? What would you teach? Then ask her a few of these fun but revealing “what if questions to access her true are my collection of best Questions For you. If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do? What if you could change one thing about yourself? What if we were given the chance to go somewhere far away and beautiful? Recognize the other person’s boundaries, and try not to cross them. Who would it be and why? Jasper is our expert conversationalist and wordsmith. 4. You have your platform, but only for one minute. Alternate history, fiction based on what if historical questions. What if there were no wars on Earth? Keep your material fresh and relevant. Here are 10 of the best deep what if questions to ask: A simulated reality may not be far-fetched as you think. Of course, coming up with dirty questions to ask in The Moment can be a bit tough (read: awkward! What would you say or ask? What if you could watch a movie about everything that happened in your life until now? What will you do if you get divorced? It's surprising, but this question required more scientific investigation than you might expect. Would that friend stay your friend? You might even inspire people to use your questions on other people. From science to history to philosophy to existentialism, these are thought-provoking questions that may take days, months, or even years to fully hash out. Wh- questions and answers in English Or, should you try a polyphasic sleep cycle like Kramer from Seinfeld? I doubt it. What if you could change one thing about the person you love? Funny What If Questions And Games 1. What if you were born in a different era? Featured on Meta Goodbye, Prettify. Which would you choose to give up and why? Serious and funny responses are both welcomed. What will you do if you win the lottery? Post author: Anna LeMind, B.A. Traduzioni in contesto per "which questions" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: You don't get to choose which questions you answer. 41 Sports Trivia for Kids – Learn new cool facts. Just one solid what if question can create ongoing debates among your friends, family, co-workers, and even that girl you’ve been crushing on. Many translated example sentences containing "what if questions" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. 59 Best Baseball Trivia Questions And Answers – Learn cool facts. Contribute to the What-If Tool. What would you say? What if you were chosen to go into space? What if this is it? What if you had to live one day over and over again? Related. Use them wisely. Sharing some laughs is a tried-and-true way to form meaningful connections with people, so don’t overlook this section. Would it be a romance, mystery, or factual historical account? Hypothetical questions can be a fruitful way to expand a conversation from dull everyday topics to something far more interesting and fun.. You can develop a set of questions to ask that are unique, outside the box, and have really memorable answers. Hello highlight.js! Or if they discovered us? Or worse, if it shrunk to half its size out of nowhere? What if you could only wear one set of clothes for the rest of your life? What if you could change your appearance? They can be made even worse when the interview questions are open ended. Remember: it takes two to make a discussion work. Ask them when you really want to understand the depths of a person’s thoughts, opinions, and wildest imaginations. Purple Hybrid Mattress Review – Is this worth it? 36 Best Harry Potter Pick Up Lines – Spark magical conversations. What if scenarios are a powerful critical thinking tool for individuals and for companies. Not every conversation needs to be heavy or hilarious. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Plus, many of the basic questions are played out and boring, and it isn’t always easy to think of new ones. Questions to ask your girlfriend Irrespective of the laughs, however, there are some very good points to be taken away from the kind of responses you can expect to get. A year of bliss or a lifetime of stability? What if you had the chance to write a best-selling novel? Asking this question itself is a great way to create a lasting memory with that special someone. What if you could teleport, Star Trek  style, to anywhere in the world? What if you lost everything tomorrow? What if you could live forever and the earth remained just as it is now? Where would we go and what would we do there? Would you? 5. What If— ", a fantasy short story by Isaac Asimov Which would you choose and why? How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - 4 Great steps to help you figure out! What if we cannot have happiness without sadness? What would you say to those who walk by? The What-If Tool is open to anyone who wants to help develop and improve it! Proverbs 3:5–6. To ask a question that challenge people’s thinking, it is not always enough to ask a question that begins with who, what, how, when, and where. What will you when you get retired? Hello highlight.js! Hopefully they don’t band together and start a mutiny. We have handpicked a selection of trends & shifts in technology to … What if you could post something on the Internet to make you famous overnight? 68 Best Ice Breaker Games - Awesome activities for everyone. Here are 5 of the best what if questions: This question really inspires you to be creative while also forcing you to think practically. Here are 7 of the best what if conversation starter questions: 6. What if you found out your spouse had another family in another state? What if you could have a free chip put in your child’s brain to provide all basic knowledge – math, language, and history facts, etc.? What if you found out your house was infested with snakes? What would it be? Older? Humans inspire humans. What if you could neglect one personal hygiene routine (shaving, brushing your teeth, cutting your nails, etc.) Here are 5 of the best interesting what if questions: Clearly there would have been some sort of master plan executed by all the dogs in the world. What fruit would you choose to be and why? In the Life's Little Mysteries 'What if?' What if you could only walk on your hands? How would you do it and why? "Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real" ~ Jules Verne. You don’t always need to crack a joke to make someone laugh. Feel free to also brainstorm a movie that doesn’t exist yet. What if… What if … What if you woke up in the morning with a stranger next to you in bed? The author raises other questions in answering those he is set by correspondents, considering the issues as if the questions were serious (most of the time; he does add brief sarcastic comments for some of the more peculiar questions, especially those that might lead the reader to suspect some twisted motivation on behalf of the questioner!) This question is a great way to learn about what possessions are most important to a person, which can tell you a lot about them. is a worksheet for identifying and challenging “what if … ?” cognitions. Need some inspiration for an alternate history scenario? What would you do? Keep it natural. What if? Browse this long list, and remember your favorites so you always have a few go-to what if questions on deck to use whenever the mood strikes. That could get awkward. What if you could choose to be one of the most famous billionaires in the world? What if money cannot buy happiness? Why should you want to know some great what if questions? What if you could remember everything that happened to you from the time you were born? See Also: 100 Unanswerable Questions That Will Blow Your Mind. What if our lives depended on human interaction? Playing twenty questions is a lot of fun, but asking the same old questions over and over again is definitely not. What if you could change one thing about your past? What if you had to give up your sight or your hearing? 23 ‘What if…’ questions you could be asked in a job interview Some are pertinent to the job, some aren’t, but it helps to be prepared for everything. When you are getting to know someone you find yourself asking them a lot of questions. 130 Questions) A best way to improve your conversation skills in English using these questions. What would you do with the extra hours in each day? And our brains are still evolving to process these signals properly? Others are more thought-provoking and imaginative. If someone's underwear was showing, would you tell them? What if you woke up with a dead stranger next to you? How would life be different today? What if you knew you had only 24 hours to live? (Of course, this rule can be broken when you’re with close friends and family members who you’re super comfortable with.). They work well to open an activity, introduce people and topics, and revive a flagging party or movie – in short in … Now that’s a tasty banquet of food for thought. Questions literally open up (and close) pathways in your brain. Who is that one person who would make that serene moment truly perfect? What if you could have any job you wanted? (cue X-Files theme). A reality TV star as President? Learn more. Finally, try not to overthink things too much with these. What if you had a friend that you spoke to the same way you speak to yourself? What if you lost your bathing suit while you were swimming, what would you do? They’re great for passing time at work, in the car, or at the dinner table. Knowing good questions to ask is essential ...Because asking questions is the most powerful way to get to know someone. 31 Best Biology Pick Up Lines - Spark amazing conversations. 2.
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